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Trip to Pandan Island / Apo Reef

4 days / 3 nights package

DAY 1 – Arrival in PANDAN Island (relax) enjoy the Island

DAY 2 – Diving in APO REEF

DAY 3 – Diving in APO REEF

DAY 4 – Check out –

Package Inclusion:

Transfer – Puerto Galera to ABRA de Ilog

Transfer – ABRA to PANDAN Island to APO REEF

Accommodation – 3ninghts Budget Room facing the China Sea

Trips – Apo Reef Day Trip – 2 days including lunch picnic

Diving – Package of 6 dives in 2days (APO Reef)

Apo reefA normal day trip to Apo Reef would be like this:
7:00 am Departure from Pandan Island after breakfast
9:30 am Arrival on Shark Ridge, getting ready for the first dive
11:00 am Surfacing from first dive, continue to Apo Island
12:00 am Arrival on Apo Island getting ready for second dive
13:00 am Surfacing from second dive, lunch break, surface interval, possibility to visit Apo Island.
14:30 am Third dive, around Apo Island
15:30 am Surfacing from third dive, return to Pandan Island
18:30 am Arrival on Pandan Island

This schedule is approximate and can change due to weather conditions and other events.

boat dive .
lunch picnic
Boat Dive.

Helpful tips for visitors

No vaccinations are needed to travel to the Philippines, the risk of Malaria is very small unless you are planning to travel to Palawan. If you intend to do a dive course it is advisable to get a medical certificate from your doctor. Tampons are almost impossible to buy in the Philippines. (See also our page what to bring.)

Typically tropical. There is a cool dry season from December to March, a hot dry season from April to July. The rainy season usually lasts from July until October. From June to December there may be typhoons. Average temperature is 27 C ( 80 F ). Don't forget to bring Sweater against the aircon on Airplanes, Buses and the ferry.

The US$ is the most common foreign currency. Money can be changed either with banks or with official moneychangers, who give a slightly better rate. Some moneychangers are open 24 hours in Manila. Avoid changing in the streets, if you do not like to be shortchanged!!! Away from the big tourist centers like Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Puerto Galera it is often difficult or impossible to cash credit cards, change traveler checks or even cash dollars. In Sablayan, on Pandan or in other remote locations only cash pesos or sometimes cash dollars (often at a very bad rate) are accepted.

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