Puerto Galera Dive Sites

La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre offers a range of Local Dive sites:


Depth 15 to 40m (50 to 132ft)

Talipanan Reef

A 25-minute boat ride west of Puerto Galera is a pinnacle 500m/1650ft offshore. The top is at 15m/50ft and has a huge diversity of small fish, basket sponges, hard and soft corals. On the north-west face it drops off to over 80m/265ft where gorgonian fans are abound. A plateau in the shallow depths drops off vertically at 24m/80ft. In mid water there are shoals of surgeons and unicornfish; often giant tuna come in from the depth to feed. Below, schools of midnight and black snappers appear to swim towards you, breaking away at the last minute.

Depth 15 to 21m (50 to 70ft)

Hot Spring

This small island is a 30-minute boat ride from Puerto Galera, so most dive centers make whole day trips here, with a picnic lunch on the beach between dives. At the west end of the island is a small caves where whitetip reef sharks are commonly found. From here, make your way down a volcanic soft rock slope that has small streams of hot water flowing from the cracks. This hot water appears as shimmering apparitions in the water. You then enter the crater of what may have been a volcano, the floor of which is covered in small volcanic rocks and streams of small bubbles of sulfuric gas rise up to the surface. It is a truly amazing sight.

Depth 12 to 17m (40 to 56ft)

East Side

On the north-east end of the island you make your way down the sloping reef to level off at anywhere between 18m/24ft and 24m/80ft. Shoals of jacks and surgeons are seen in mid-water as you drift by spectacular rock and coral formations. Depending on the strength of the current you finish the dive at a small pinnacle that drops off into deeper water. Here you can shelter from the current and observe the abundant lionfish, eels and nudibranchs before making your way up to the top of the pinnacle at 9m/30ft. Beware of the down-currents in this area. It is best to dive here on flood tide.

Depth 15m (50ft)

Washing Machine

The washing machine is a series of seven canyons between 12 and 28 metres. Usually dived less than 15m the diver is treated to a rollercoaster ride when the current is running. Drifting into the canyons you are spun from one side to another in the current. Moving from one canyon to another can present problems and it is easy to be swept away. Best to stay close to the bottom and watch the small fish spin. Where they seem to be stationary is probably the best place to cross the current. Requires a good guide and some experience of current diving. Made at slack tide it is an easy dive.

Depth 24m (80ft)

Blackfish Pinnacle

This is a fantastic site, but hard to hit if there is a current present, so timing is very important. The top of the pinnacle at 24m / 80ft is quite small and easy to miss. From there is a steep drop off to very deep water.

Recreational divers can make their way down the side of the pinnacle to 40m / 130m where you can swim out along the top of the flat part of the reef which has large rock formations colored by soft corals of every size, giant gorgonian fans, whip corals and giant basket sponges. Current brings out the best of fish life, especially shoals of batfish and jacks.

Depth 24m (80ft)

The Dropoff

Pinnacles reach the surface on the East side of Verde Island and drop away to great depths. A vertical reef with some nice gorgonian fans, sea snakes and frogfish and some large pelagic schools.


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